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Local Tailor Search Marketing Success

Client: Mr. Abdul Jahid [Tailor]

About the Project

Project goal 

Mr Abdul Jahid, an experienced tailor based in a bustling neighbourhood of Ghaziabad, had been running his local tailoring business for over a decade. Despite his exceptional craftsmanship and satisfied clientele, Mr Abdul Jahid struggled to attract new customers due to low visibility in search engine results.

As potential customers increasingly turned to online platforms to find local services, Mr Abdul Jahid’s absence from search results became a pressing issue. One of the primary reasons behind this problem was the limited online presence of Mr. Abdul Jahid’s business.

His Google, My Business & website, lacked optimization for search engines, resulting in poor rankings in both Map Pack and organic ranking, resulting in low to no organic traffic. The majority of his customers were from word-of-mouth referrals. Recognizing the urgency to enhance his online presence and boost lead generation, Mr Abdul Jahid sought out a solution to overcome these challenges.


To address Mr. Abdul Jahid’s lack of visibility on search engines and increase leads, a comprehensive local marketing strategy was implemented. The first step involved optimizing his website for search engines by incorporating relevant keywords, improving meta tags, and
creating compelling content that showcased his expertise and tailored services.

This optimization process ensured that Mr. Abdul Jahid’s website ranked higher in search engine results, increasing its visibility to potential customers actively searching for tailors in the local area.

Additionally, a targeted local SEO campaign was executed to enhance Mr. Abdul Jahid’s online presence within the targeted region. This involved creating and optimizing his Google My Business listing, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information about his business, such as opening hours, contact details, and customer reviews.

By leveraging local directories and online review platforms, Mr Abdul Jahid’s business gained credibility and became more visible to local
customers searching for tailoring services.

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Mr. Abdul Jahid’s Google listing Performance
Mr. Abdul Jahid’s Site’s Performance

40+ Leads Monthly


Search Marketer

“…I worked with Arman for local SEO, and it was great! Thanks to his expertise, my business’s Google listing and website reached the top 2 rankings for many key search terms. This led to a 44% increase in call leads monthly, enabling significant business expansion. Arman’s insights and problem-solving skills are remarkable. His guidance not only optimized our online presence but also forged valuable connections with other local businesses, directly impacting our growth. I highly recommend Arman for his unparalleled expertise in local marketing strategies….”

Abdul Jahid

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