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Best Chat GPT alternatives For Writing

As the popularity of ChatGPT continues to soar, it’s hard to ignore its impact on the world of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. However, during a 2021 survey among SEO Professionals, 16.1% of SEO professionals worldwide considered it to be a threat to their work.

So, is ChatGPT always the best solution for your writing needs? In this article, we will discuss the limitations of ChatGPT and explore some alternatives that you can consider. From ChatGpt Limitations to other ChatGPT alternatives, we’ll cover everything you need to know to decide which solution is right for you. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of ChatGPT alternatives.

Why Chat GPT is Not Always the Best Solution

In recent years GPT language models have gained immense popularity, like ChatGPT, because of their ability to answer your silly questions in Chat format, so you don’t feel alone 😉. But ChatGPT isn’t always the best solution for every situation.

The Limitations of Chat GPT

  1. Old data – ChatGPT is trained on the data before 2021, so it isn’t aware of the recent data(or isn’t trained on the current data). So you can’t get any answer for any recent actions, like Who won the FIFA World cup 2022.
  2. Limited Control – To make ChatGPT perform a specific task, you have to give a better prompt (Input), and as a beginner, you will be terrible at it (I can bet on that).
  3. Server down Issue- Most of the time, when you try to access ChatGPT, you will get Server down issue because their server is loaded with people like you and me performing nonsensical prompts.
  4. Lack Of Originality – To be precise, I want to say it is plagiarism. Sometimes you get plagiarised content from the ChatGPT. As a language model, it’s normal because they learn from the old trained data. So must check your article’s plagiarism before publishing it.
  5. Limited Multilingual support – Lastly, it lacks multilingual support for other languages, they just say they support 50+ languages but when you try it with languages other than English, it will start showing its true colours.
ChatGpt alternative for writing
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Alternatives Of Chat GPT For Writing


Jasper (formerly “Jarvis”) is also an excellent alternative to ChatGPT for writing. It is famous across the SEO industry for creating content and optimising through its integration with Surfer Seo (also a renowned Content Optimization tool in the SEO industry). One of the most significant advantages of jasper is its ability to analyse the previous content, offer suggestions for improvement in real-time, and fixes grammar error with the help of Grammarly integration.

Some Key Features of Jasper: –

  • 30+ Languages Supported
  • 50+ Templates to Use
  • Seo Optimization( through integration)
  • PlagiarismChecker
  • Grammarly Checker
  • Integrations(like surfer SEO ,copyscape etc)
  • Content optimisation
  • Custom prompts

Jasper’s Pricing- In terms of pricing, offers a variety of plans that can be adjusted with your world limits, which means the word limit is directly proportional to the pricing; as the word limit increase, the Pricing will automatically Increase. Starting Pack starts at $49/month with a 50k word limit and goes as high as 700k words and also you can also choose a custom plan that fulfils your need.


Writesonic is also a powerful ChatGPT alternative that can help you with all content writing problems like creating blog outlines, blog articles, google ads etc. It has more than 80+ templates to start your content creation journey. It also has a Chat assistant like ChatGPT, which is called chatsonic, and it is far more accurate and knowledgeable in recent data. It also has a landing page generator and integrations with software like zapier, WordPress etc., making it more appealing to Media Buying Marketes.

Some Key Features of Writesonic:-

  • Have a chat assistant called chatsonic
  • Offers a doc-style editor
  • Supports 25+ languages
  • Have 100+ Templates
  • Plagiarism checker
  • One-click WordPress support
  • Integrations

Free – 6,250 words + 25 free ChatSonic generations every month

Writesonic’s Pricing- In Terms of Pricing, Writesonic is pretty affordable than Jasper and gives you access to all feature which jasper have. They have various plans according to the word quality, e.g. Premium quality words – 19k words at $12.67/month whereas Good Quality Words – 47.5k words at the Same price, Average quality words 95k at same price and Economy words – 190k at the same price. So before buying a plane, you must utilise their trail and then think about whether it is good for you.

That was a unique pricing method.


Rytr is also a Powerful ChatGPT alternative to have when ChatGPT is not working. It is trained on Gpt technology + Some proprietary data (the website states that). It has 40+ templates to use and supports 30+ languages. The amazing feature of rytr is that inbuilt SEO optimisation means no need for any integration (or extra expenses).

You can build custom prompts to make your any writing task easier, but you must check plagiarism through their built-in plagiarism checker before publishing (if you are using it for a blog). Also, you can select various writing styles to suit your preferences and brand voice.

Some Key Features of Rytr:-

  • 40+ Templates
  • 30+ languages support
  • 20+ tones
  • Builtin plagiarism checker
  • Can generate Images
  • Custom Prompts
  • Seo Optimization
  • Dedicated Account manager

Free 10k character

Rytr’s Pricing – In Terms of Pricing, Rytr is affordable for anyone just starting out in their writing carrier because of its various tones access, multilingual support and inbuilt SEO optimisation. Their saver plan starts from $9/Month, which gives 100k characters + 20 image generations per month which is pretty good for a beginner to get a sense of ai writing.

Copy ai is also a powerful ChatGPT alternative to work with; it includes more than 90+ templates to start with and supports more than 25+ languages. It works on the same Gpt technology as other ai writing tools. Also they just give access to new features to people on a paid subscription, which means you can’t experience their new features on your trial, and you have to take the paid subscription.

Some Key Features of

  • 90+ Templates
  • 25+ languages
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Blog Wizard tool Acess
  • Email Support

Free 2k words

Copy ai’s Pricing- In Terms of Pricing, is affordable for those who just want to write good descriptions for their blog post, amazon listings etc. it is not only for descriptions; it is also good for other uses like outlines, intro etc. which means only for smaller tasks. Their Pro plan starts at $36/Month, in which you get unlimited words generation and their blog wizard tool(which is pretty decent, not up to the mark).


Copysmith is also a powerful ChatGPT alternative if you are searching for your eCommerce business, but it can be used for other purposes also, like content creation for blogs, ads etc. Amazing things that copysmith has are their integration and collaboration tools. They have integrations with tools such as frase (Seo content optimisation), zapier, google ads, google docs, Hootsuite, Microsoft word etc.

Some Key Features of Copysmith:-

  • Integrations
  • Content Templates
  • Collaborative Editing
  • Content Variations
  • Image Suggestion
  • Multiple Language Support

Copysmith’s Pricing – In Terms of CopySmith’s Pricing, they did a pretty job but not better than rytr; they offer their starting plan at $19/month with 20k words and 20 plagiarism per month (this thing ) and integrations with software like frase,zapier etc makes it appealing to Ecommerce website owner or amazon sellers.


WriteCream is also an alternative to ChatGPT for writing, but its less effective than others, it can be due to a lack of training data or something, but it can be used for smaller tasks like writing outlines, answering questions etc. One of the features that I liked most was their personalised image generator. They have 42+ templates to start with your content journey, so check them out now.

Some Key Features of WriteCream:-

  • 42+ Templates to use
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Personalised Image generator
  • Ai assistant Called Chatgenie
  • Document Editor
  • Chat + Email Support

WriteCream’s Pricing – In terms of Pricing, writecream is excellent and affordable, but they have to work on improvements of the output but it can be suitable for beginners. As a trial, they give 10k words for free, which is a good thing to test if it is ideal for you or not, and their starting pack starts at $29/month, in which you get an Unlimited word limit and access to all their features.


In summary, ChatGPT is a powerful language model for generating human-like text, but there are other AI-powered writing tools available on the market. It is essential to explore these alternatives to find the best fit for your specific needs and budget.

Some of the popular alternatives to ChatGPT include, Writesonic,, Copysmith, Rytr, and more. These tools offer different features and benefits, from content generation to copywriting and translation. Some tools are more suitable for marketing and advertising, while others excel at creating longer-form content, such as articles and blog posts.

Choosing the right writing tool depends on your needs and goals. Consider factors like cost, ease of use, and output quality when evaluating your options. Finding the best alternative to ChatGPT allows you to streamline your writing process and achieve your writing goals, whether you’re a freelancer, content marketer, or business owner.

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